Welcome to Worship Academy Worship Training

Worship Academy was established in 2003 by Benjamin Sealey with the purpose of teaching churches and individuals the true heart of worship. It went on to acquire a full time building and run the UK’s first fully accredited worship qualification, running worship training courses for people throughout the UK and the world. In 2010, Benjamin moved into a full time pastoral position and subsequently stopped running the official courses. 

From January 2017, we will be hosting a worship event once a month in the centre of England, “The Gathering of Worshipers.” This will be an evening of informal worship open to anyone who wants to come and learn more about worship and grow in their relationship with God and their calling. As well as worship, it is also a time or prayer and intercession. If you would like to get involved with the worship team for these evenings, please email.

From Spring 2017 we will also be running and hosting events in London. Details will be released when available.

Benjamin continues to speak at churches and conferences throughout the world, teaching worship teams and leaders the importance and meaning of worship, and how to lead congregations into that place of true encounter with God.

If you would like to talk to Benjamin about preaching at your church or running a workshop or worship training for your worship team, please email him or contact him on Facebook.